The Affiliate Program (with a difference)

Refer solar buyers and help them save.

Earn $100 for a referral that you submit via your affiliate account, or $20 for a referral to our public form via your referrers link.

The solar industry is full of glossy advertisements and never-to-be-repeated deals, we're sick of it, and you probably are too.

Ads cost money, and the money needs to come from somewhere, either massive volumes or hidden costs. Neither leads to an excellent outcome.

Think about it, with whom would you prefer to deal?

Would you prefer to take a punt on a service or product your friend is over the moon with or the one in the shiny ad on the telly or the come-in-spinner newspaper ad?

When sellers advertise and have a half-decent ad, they get plenty of interest. But then they have to go through all of these leads and filter out the people that are fair-dinkum, more work/time/money.

We have many hundreds of customers that are pleased with our products and services; invariably, they are our best advertisement.

Yes, it sounds cliché, but word-of-mouth is still the best because someone's good experience is a better foundation for success than any sales pitch.

There are also simple truths that no-one can deny. You can't sell cheap products with skinny margins and be enthusiastic about supporting them. The buyer needs to know that the system we design for them is efficient and reliable, and if there's a problem, we can solve it with a minimum of fuss, that's what we want too.

If you know SA Regional Solar, the way we work, the standards we uphold, especially if you have one of our systems and are seeing the benefits.

If we don't spend bucket-loads on advertising and waste hours dealing with dud leads, we can give our clients a better deal.

And you have a friend, family member or even just someone random that you got talking to, who is interested in solar or a battery setup, you can use this form to pass their details on to our sales department; this can earn you a nice spotters fee.

So why not help us help your friends save a few dollars, keep it local and "in the family."

Our offer is not going to be a free-for-all; we expect you to do the right thing and only refer people that you have personally spoken to and received their approval to pass on their details.


Apply to be part of our network of solar ambassadors.