Off Grid Systems

Off the grid

Electrical power is one of life's compromises

We are often shunted into situations and environments that compromise our preferred lifestyles and even our moral sensibilities.

The most exciting facet of solar and storage technologies is their ability to enable us to exercise our free will.

Choosing the green power option with your electricity retailer is one thing. Producing and using your own is quite another.

Your power, your way

Off the grid doesn't mean off the planet

It boils down to choice

Do you have your eye on a "perfect place" to live, and it's going to cost as much to get the power on as the building itself?

Is your power supply unreliable and you hate coming home to puddles under the fridge and all your beside clocks flashing?

Or are you just one of those independent types that likes to take control of things?



Either way...

SA Regional Solar is keen to reach out to you. We love designing systems that enable you to "thumb your nose" at the establishment.

Technology advances in recent years have brought off-the-grid power supply into the realm of not only possibility but affordability.

We do Off-The-Grid

Because your needs as a customer are unique, there is no "one" package that can be pulled off the shelf. Therefore we design the best combination of products to provide you with the best solution.

Many factors come into play, including price, location, power requirements, brand preference and other site influences.

We can give you a range of options and reasons why one product may be better than another for your situation.

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