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Article by: Zali Ashman

At SA Regional Solar, Dan the Solar Man cares about the products used in order to give you, our customers the ultimate solar system package by using brands and products he trusts. 

WINAICO Solar Panels

Approved Retailer

Buy from an approved retailer – You’re in good hands

WINAICO is an Australian owned, family run business, designed by Australian’s for Australian’s, which is a quality and that resonates with Dan and the SA Regional Solar team. 

Unmatched insurance and warranty for WINAICO customers

  • WINAICO’s solar panels are the only ones in Australia that have a 2 year insurance policy against all risks including; material damage, interruption of service and or reduced yield (solar energy generated). 
  • They also offer a 25 years warranty for your panels which will cover the lifetime of your solar panels. 
  • This unique warranty offer is 13 years longer than the 12 year industry average on solar panels. 
  • Out of 70MW of WINAICO solar panels installed, only .01% have had a warranty claim against them, which is why we can confidently back the longevity of WINAICO panels. 
  • If you did need to lodge a claim, WINAICO has a one week turn around on all claims ensuring your warranty needs are met quickly. 

Built tough 

  • All WINAICO solar panel models have had extensive Desert Knowledge testing, making sure these panels can withstand even the toughest of Australia’s harsh weather conditions. 
  • Each panel is made in an automated production facility, meaning that the panels are made with fewer faults, once again ensuring their reliability.  

Keeping the environment in mind 

One of the many things that make WINAICO a great solar panel provider, is their level of care for the environment and running a sustainable business. Which is why they’re advocates of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) strategy, this motivates them to reduce energy and water usage throughout the manufacturing process. This means you can trust that these panels are built with the benefit of the environment in mind, adding to the sustainability that renewable energy offers.     

In Australia over 3.5 million WINAICO solar panels have been installed and has been trusted by big-name brands such as (but not limited to): 

  • McDonalds 
  • ALDI 
  • Woolworths 
  • Brisbane Racing Club

SMA Inverters 

SMA logo

SA Regional Solar are proud SMA PowerUP Partners, which enables us with the unique opportunity to make special offers with our customers and get extensive training on the SMA inverters. 

The right inverter for you 

  • SMA has a huge range of inverters to match any size solar panel installation required for your home or business needs. 
  • SMA is one of the only solar inverter providers that offers top quality inverters designed for both residential, commercial and utility-scale systems, guaranteeing all your solar needs are met. 
  • We take the stress out of picking the right inverter as our highly trained team will make the right choice for you. 
  • All inverters are comprehensively tested before leaving the factory which ensures a reliable operation for a lifetime of solar energy. 

SMA inverter warranty 

  • SMA offers a 5+5 year warranty deal for our customers.
  • 5 years of factory warranty and an additional free 5 years warranty when installing through SA Regional Solar, a PowerUP Partner. 

SMA Smart Connected 

  • The SMA smart connected service insures that your inverter is automatically monitored.
  • If any problems occur, the Smart Connected server will send an automatic notification and repairs will be initiated. 
  • SMA then contacts us with the issue that has occurred so then we can connect with you and arrange a way to resolve the issue. 
  • The Smart Connected service typically identifies an issue with your solar system before you are even aware of it.

Sunny portal 

  • Tracking your solar system is made easy with the SMA monitoring technology which is easily accessible through the SMA Sunny Portal app or online through the SMA website. 
  • Once your inverter is installed you can easily link it to the Sunny Portal app and begin monitoring it from day one. 
  • Sunny Portal allows you to track your solar usage and energy yield 
  • Monitor your solar system live 
  • Informs you on the current energy flow of your solar system


  • SMA’s core beliefs are longevity, maximum performance and top quality for all their inverters, all qualities that are essential for providing the best service to our customers.
  • Within Australia, over 750,000 SMA inverters have been installed which is producing 35% of all the solar electricity in Australia, making them one of the most popular inverters. 
  • Over 85GW of inverter capacity has been installed worldwide, which is more than all of Australia’s power stations, twice. That amount of energy is an example that we might never need to rely on fossil fuels again. 



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