Grid Connect Hybrid Systems

Our hybrids are not labradoodles

Seriously, hybid power systems are many and varied. They may involve a variety of power sources including wind, solar, generator, grid-connect and may be fully or partially automated.

Most commonly we refer to a hybrid system as one that combines solar, battery and grid connect.

At SA Regional Solar, we LOVE hybrid systems.


Hybrid Systems

Because your needs as a customer are unique, there is no "one" package that can be pulled off the shelf. Therefore we design the best combination of products to provide you with the best solution.

Many factors come into play, including price, location, power requirements, brand preference and other site influences.

We can give you a range of options and reasons why one product may be better than another for your situation.

Store-Edge AC Coupled Inverter
Store-Edge AC Coupled Inverter

Brand Preference

Remember, we can supply almost any brand of hardware, however we have a wealth of experience and can recommend products that have had a great track record of performance, reliability and customer support.

Some products work well together and some don't. Some offer better warranties and others have better features.

At SA Regional Solar we will only recommend products that we are confident that produce the best results for you, and we're proud of that.

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