About Solar Batteries

Article by: Zali Ashman

Solar Batteries – What are they 

  • Solar panels produce more electricity than what your house uses during the day, instead of all that excess electricity going to the grid, a solar battery stores some of that electricity for you to use once the sun goes down, rather than paying for electricity from the grid. 


  • Blackouts have been a frequent occurrence in South Australia, however if you manage your usage, you’ll may never experience another one with a solar battery, as your home will use the electricity it’s stored. (The only caveat is if the outage goes for days and it is too cloudy for your panel to replenish your battery during the day)
  • Once your solar battery is at its capacity, the excess electricity your solar panels harvest goes to the grid, saving you money on your electricity bill. 
  • You don’t need to add a battery when you initially install your solar system, they can be added anytime for your convenience. (It should be a consideration when choosing your system though)
  • Solar batteries give you more flexibility in producing and using your own electricity and not to mention, gives you a completely sustainable electricity source (providing the sun always rises!)
  • Solar batteries can give you the ability to be an off grid or ‘self powered’ home, never needing to rely on grid electricity to power your home again.

Tesla Powerwall

Dan uses only the best products on the market for your solar systems and the main grid-connected battery on the market with leading technology that Dan trusts, is the Tesla Powerwall. 

Tesla Powerwall II

Tesla Powerwall II

  • The Tesla Powerwall is a lithium-ion solar battery that has a life expectancy of 15 years.
  • This sleek product can either be wall mounted or stand alone, whatever your space requires.
  • 10 years of product warranty is included with each Powerwall installed. 
  • At capacity, the Powerwall can hold up to 13.5kWh of electricity. 
  • Over time, the Powerwall will pick up on your electricity usage patterns and will switch itself to be your home’s source of power, to avoid using grid energy.  
  • Your solar panels will continue to charge your Powerwall during a blackout, ensuring constant electricity for an extended period of time. 
  • The Powerwall detects a blackout and disconnects your home from the grid in order to use the electricity it has stored. You probably won’t even notice when this happens, though you can see it in your app’s blackout records.

Tesla Mobile app.

  • You can easily monitor your solar system and Powerwall and through the Tesla smartphone app.
  • You can mange how much the battery keeps in reserve for blackouts.
  • It gives you live updates as to where your home electricity is coming from either your solar or the powerwall. 
  • Tells you where your harvested energy is going either to the grid or your Powerwall.
  • Tracks your electricity usage with easy to read graphs, so you will always know if you’re being charged/paid correctly by your power company.

Is a solar battery the right solution for your home? 

If your household uses a considerable amount of electricity at night time, which is when you’re using electricity from the grid (that maximises your power bill). Then investing in a solar battery will save you money in the long run, as your household can use the electricity that it’s produced throughout the day (at no extra cost to you) rather than from the grid, which will start running up your power bill.

Off Grid solar solutions

Do you want to get more from your solar system?

Dan is committed to providing you with the ultimate solar energy experience with the addition of an off-grid solar solutions. In fully off-grid situations we will match the battery make and type to your needs.

Still have more questions? 

Contact us to get a free Tesla Powerwall quote today, or off-grid solution our team is more than happy to answer any solar battery question you have. 


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