SA Regional Solar Partner Program

Introduction to SA Regional Solar

SA Regional Solar Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated company with its origins in Port Pirie, South Australia. We have been operating in the solar industry since 2011 and in that time have established a reputation for doing professional, above standard work and building strong and lasting relationships with our customers, who we prefer to call friends of the family now. We provide solutions for off grid, on grid, hybrid, and water pumping requirements.

Our aim is to have a positive impact on the communities that we operate in, while employing local tradespeople and office staff creating long lasting permanent employment in our region.

We have qualified solar-system design engineers and accredited installers in house and outsource only when work load exceeds our abaility to turn around projects in a timely manner.

SA Regional Solar
85 Esmond Road, Port Pirie SA 5540
ABN 52 152 815 846
(08) 8633 3349

Introducing the Partner Program

SA Regional Solar Pty Ltd is developing a Partner Program. We know the time has come to share our knowledge and empower others to replicate our success, and doing so, reach more people that need to benefit from clean reliable and affordable energy generated by solar power systems. This will take form through mentoring, sales support, labour, and buying power though our supply channel relationships.

Over the past 7 years of working in the solar energy industry we have fine-tuned our knowledge and skill set. We aim to provide personal training and mentoring that will be able to fast track partners' learning by helping them avoid the pitfalls that may slow down the progress of building a profitable business.

Do you think you have the capability to run a multi-million dollar operation? We are looking for motivated individuals that are:

  • looking for an opportunity to increase their income,
  • possibly already offering products and services to an existing customer base,
  • customer service people, or have solid sales experience,
  • passionate about helping people and want to be well rewarded for providing great outcomes,
  • interested in having the freedom to work from anywhere and be able to scale, based on their capacity.

Initially we will be looking for interest from SA, VIC, NT & QLD. Please jump in and register your interest.

Partners that get in on the ground floor will be benefiting from a no-fee buy-in advantage, but this offer will not be free to everyone.

Partner Program EOI

If you are interested in this partner program offer, please submit your Expression of Interest below.