SA Regional Solar Advantage Program

How to get a 2kW Solar System for only $1 a day

Exclusive to people that require power to charge or run mobility or medical devices.

One dollar a day for five years and it's yours,
no deposits, no balloons.

Are your power bills too high?

Have you thought about solar but found it too complicated? Did you apply for finance and get knocked back? Just got lazy?

Whatever the reason, don't worry, you aren't the only one.

If you rely on a gopher (mobility scooter), sleep apnea machine or some sort of medical device that requires charging or home power, you qualify.

SA Regional Solar is working on your solution. Our systems have been proven to reliably save money. We think that people that have more important things to worry about should have less to worry about, especially when it comes to their solar choices and their electricity bills.

Initially available in the "Iron Triangle" and surrounding areas. This offer will enable you or someone you know, to access solar power to help with high cost of electricity.

Imagine opening your electricity account and seeing a figure much less than you are accustomed to. A 2kW system can save on average $800 to $900 per year. This is based on an average of 5 hours of sunlight per year and 50% usage and 50% return to grid. If you use ALL the solar generated power, savings can be over $1200 per year!

This is your chance to get a solar system with zero initial outlay and start saving on your electricity from day one.

SA Regional Solar, a proven track record and highly regarded

"Just had a system installed by SA Regional Solar. Was thoroughly impressed at their high level of service & efficiency in installing the system.
I found they provided good honest understandable advice, which has ultimately meant we now have the system that suits our needs, thanks to their professionalism.
Highly recommend."

Shane Davey - Facebook

"There is so much info when considering a solar system its info overload.You don't really appreciate that you've made the right choice till after its been installed and running. My 5KW system plus Tesla powerwall is brilliant and I should not have any power bill at all. The Tesla monitoring app on the phone keeps me informed and has recently been updated to allow me to control my power. You get what you pay for and boy did I make the right decision to get a premium system."

Kevin Cattermole - Facebook

Why SA Regional Solar?

  • You can be confident that your reliance on electrically-powered devices is being offset by free solar power.
  • Know that your system is designed by a Clean Energy Council accredited designer.
  • And, that your system is installed by by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer, experts in the field of solar power using licensed electricians.
  • SA Regional Solar employs local people and are committed to the region and your community.
CEC Accredited Designer Kelly Bejeera
CEC Accredited Installer Dan Doroga
CEC Accredited Installer Simon Chegwidden

Seeking Expressions of Interest - Limited offer, be quick

SA Regional Solar is confident of a good show of support for this program. However we need your expression of interest so we can commit to bring you the benefits outlined above.

  • Don't hesitate, there WILL be a LIMITED NUMBER of systems available, so early responders will be given preference.
  • This is an Expression Of Interest only, there is NO OBLIGATION. You may opt-out at any time.
  • There is NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT until the system is installed, running and SAVING you money.
  • You MAY upgrade to a larger system if you choose, more on that later.
  • This offer is only available if you rely on an electric mobility or medical device.

A 2kW system for $1 a day for 5 years - then it's yours!

SA Regional Solar Advantage Program - EOI

Subscribe if you, or someone you know, is/are interested in a 2kW solar system for $1 per day over 5 years. Available to people that depend on a Gopher, sleep apnea machine or other medical equipment that requires power for charging or use at home and are located in the "Iron Triangle" Upper Spencer Gulf region.

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