Main Benefits

  • ZERO up-front costs

    No deposit - No install fees - No maintenance costs

  • Reduce your bills by half*

    You pay a reduced rate for solar power (around 50%) and get a feed-in tariff on power you don't use.

  • A Win-Win Situation

    You save without having to put money up front and we still make money out of the system.

  • You Are Empowered

    You manage how you use your power, that way you can make even greater savings.

* This depends on how you manage your power usage, though we find that 50% is easily achievable.

How it Works

To Begin

We install, own and maintain the solar system on your property - at no cost to you.

Solar Power

The solar system generates power that you can use while the sun is shining.

Excess Solar

What you don’t use goes to the grid and your energy retailer pays you a credit.

We invoice you

You pay us for the solar power generated by our system, at about half the rate that the power companies charge.

You Save

You end up saving at least 50% on your energy bills for zero dollars down.


  • SHAHID M. Avatar
    Great service

    Thank you Dan and team
    - 23/02/2022
  • Tony G. Avatar
    Tony G.
    Very happy with the professional and informative manner shown by all staff from quote to install to enquiries Highly recommended. I felt confident i had made a good choice...price not a priority for us. - 11/10/2021
  • Nathan M. Avatar
    Nathan M.
    Great atmosphere answered every question professionally - 08/07/2021
  • Baylin Cole Avatar
    Baylin Cole
    Excellent job,can’t say enough for for these guys,service,communication,installation,second to none,thank you and I’d recommend this crew everyday of the week,??? - 06/03/2021
  • verosso Avatar
    After several enquires over the last few years to have a solar system installed on my home in Roxby Downs, with none of them accepted mainly due to excessively high prices and/or pushy sales people, I received a quote from Dan the Solar Man which was very reasonable.

    David at Dan the Solar Man was polite and patient as I made enquires regarding changing my connection to 3 phase and was quick to respond to my questions and to re-quote when my plans changed.

    Once I had decided on a system and committed to it, I needed to have capital works completed to upgrade my electrical supply and during this time I received a visit from Larry who measured up and knowledgeably answered my many questions regarding the installation.

    The upgrades took a while, but once completed the Dan the Solar Man team promptly organised a trip to Roxby which went to plan even though the whole state was shutdown due to a covid-19 outbreak for a period during this time, I was also kept informed with progress regularly.

    On the first day of the installation the team arrived early and wasted no time in getting all the railings mounted, cables run and installing the inverter etc. They were professional and had no issues answering several questions I had.

    They were back early the second day and quickly installed the panels, ensuring they were centred nicely and squared up with the roof before installing the switches and switch covers. The rails protruding out from the panels were trimmed off neatly and capped with end covers, the electrical connections were also neatly done.

    Once the installation and network connection was completed and tested I was shown how to turn it on/shut it down, then later instructed how to access the sunny portal online so I could monitor the performance.

    I chose to go with an all black system and am pleased that I did, the panels, mounts, rails & caps, switches & covers are all matching, which I haven't seen before and it looks really good.

    I am also very pleased to have had my system installed by Dan the Solar Man, from start to finish they have been professional, patient and prompt in their responses, kept me up to date and the installation was completed to a high standard and is working well.
    - 19/12/2020

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