Hello “Dan the Solar Man”

Article by: Tim

Some people have asked, “why do you market yourself as ‘Dan the Solar Man’ when we know you as ‘SA Regional Solar’?”

SA Regional Solar was born in a small regional city called Pt Pirie back in 2011 that has now grown through our team’s hard work and customer dedication. We have served customers in SA, VIC, WA, NSW, QLD & NT and look forward to doing so for many more years to come.

Because we operate in many states, ‘SA Regional Solar’ may seem a bit weird for customers in Victoria, for instance, this is why we are advertising and trading as “Dan The Solar Man”.

Dan, the managing director grew up in Dandenong Victoria and after moving to SA as a young boy, went on to become an electrician (amongst other things) and was an ambitious 22 years old when he started his solar company. Dan isn’t afraid of a long hard day’s work and loves getting out and about helping as many people to install quality solar systems as possible.

In the early days as a subcontractor for solar sales companies, Dan started to see that solar power was here to stay and the difference it made to families, homes and business and the environment were evident that it was something everyone should invest in.

However, a lot of consumers were left in the dark as to what to expect from their solar installation, who to go to for after-sale support and how to know if their installation was delivering what the sales company promised them. A lot of the time Dan and his team was the only person they would get to see or would answer the phone, so naturally, that’s who they would contact for help following the installation.

This sparked Dan to start a sales division within his company and offer consumers a full turnkey package that would exceed any other competitors services and performance.

Dan has a 100% customer satisfaction policy and he goes out of his way to maintain it.

Dan takes solar energy and electrical work seriously and invests a lot of time and effort to make sure we deliver on our promises.

What makes his company stand out from the rest is that we truly care, we build relationships and treat all customers equally. It doesn’t matter if you are spending $500k or $1k with us. Our level of commitment is consistent.

The products Dan offers are the best you can buy for the money, with strong warranties, performance characteristics and backed by partnerships with manufacturers and quality workmanship, which will guarantee that you are making the best choice when choosing to work with Dan The Solar Man of SA Regional Solar.

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