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Article by: Tim

Over time we have come across many new, interesting and handy items, gadgets or new products. Whilst we have always focused on our core electrical and solar work, we’ve often thought that our customers might be interested in “this or that”.

So, we have bitten the bullet and set up an online store, this way we can grab stuff that we think you’ll be interested in and let you know about it.

To begin with, we have a selection of small solar panels that can be used for various such as electric fences, trickle charging batteries in rarely used vehicles or boats, solar lighting, camping applications and whatever else you might come up with.

They range from 20 to 80 Watts, a couple are the semi-flexible mats that are durable (no glass) and able to be tied or glued to curved surfaces.

The largest (in this selection) is a handy camping panel kit with 80W output that folds up and comes with a neat carry bag, regulator and leads, probably enough to keep up with a smal to medium portable fridge.

Get one of these great panels now!

Buy a Small Solar Panel

If you have trouble with the order process, please drop us a line,

Likewise, if there are other items that you think you’d like to see here or want to know about. Or please let us know in the comments below.

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