Affiliate Program General Terms & Conditions

At SA Regional Solar, we run a sustainable business model that is underpinned by quality products, quality service and quality workmanship. We intend to help as many people and businesses become self-sustainable from an energy point of view, good for the consumer, good for the environment.  We work hard to get our name out there, which takes a lot of investment into marketing, advertising, one on one consultation, etc., you get our drift.

We believe the timing is right to start working with our loyal customer base and develop those people’s potential, to reach others that want to do something about their power bills. Help us extend our reach so we can help more people and in return, earn you a little side income. We save on marketing and advertising expenses, and by keeping our overheads down, we can supply better systems for less.

Becoming an affiliate of SA Regional Solar means that you are somebody that shares our passion and desire of helping others. We are calling on individuals to help promote us and help others “do solar” the right way, the first time!

So, what would an affiliate do?

Once your application has been reviewed and qualified to be an affiliate, you will then get access to our portal where you can load up details we require about a potential customer. There are strict requirements for the lead (a lead is marketing talk for a potential client) to be a genuine lead; these are some of them.

  1. They (the prospective customer or lead) must be willing to purchase a solar system within the next three months.
  2. They must own their property or have a written consent from the landlord or real estate agent that they have permission to install a solar system on the roof. A landlord permission form will be available on the affiliate portal, for you to give to them for signing.
  3. They must provide you with a copy of the power bill front and back or electronic copy which you load into the referral form.
  4. They must be willing to have the phone conversation, which we intend to make shortly after you upload their details, and they agree to a site inspection by one of  our technicians. Please ensure you have full consent from them to pass on their details to us. We will need a preferred contact time/day as well.
  5. They must give you a ballpark figure of what their budget is to spend. Systems vary, just like cars.

What we will do.

As these affiliate fees may be credited to you regardless of whether we make a sale, we will be filtering your leads very carefully to see if they are genuine. If we see a pattern that we feel is not helping anybody, and more specifically, they are not genuine leads, we will remove you from our affiliate program immediately. If we believe you are not acting in the spirit of the program, we reserve the right to exclude any affiliate.

You will receive payment for your referral within 30 days from your submission.

You will be able to manually load up the contact details of a lead, you will also be provided with a unique link which you can email or post on your social media platforms so your friends can access our products and services while still maintaining a connection to you. We will assist you in working with the portal.

The fee for a lead that you load into the system will be $100 per lead (person) once the lead pays a deposit. A lead that fills in an application form themselves from a link you provide will result in a fee paid to you of $20.

We will contact the lead no later than 24 hours from their submission and will give an indication whether this is a genuine lead or if we will reject it. More than three rejections per month will result in a review of your affiliate status, we will then provide some additional support to help you understand what we require and who our potential customers are to help you get back on track.

Other Points

You are not allowed to give access, provide details or discuss our program with any competitor to SA Regional Solar and any intellectual property provided to you remains the property of SA Regional Solar. Any violation of this trust will result in legal action.

Our affiliate program will run in all states and territories of Australia

This affiliate program does not constitute a partnership or any sort of joint venture.

Before you display any form of advertising on your social media platforms, it is to be reviewed and approved by SA Regional Solar before use.

From time to time we may make products available for sale on our website, these may or may not provide the affiliate with a commission. Depending on the product, the commission value may vary or be based on a percentage.

We do not support our affiliates financially in any form other than paying for the leads; there is no additional marketing support to affiliates, except what SA Regional Solar does for its own brand recognition.

In your affiliate program portal, you will have information on the products that we offer; additionally, you will be able to see our partner statuses with the various manufacturers of products that we use. These things will help strengthen your opportunity to provide us with quality leads.

We reserve the right to amend these terms without notice at any time.